Borrelia and Coinfections, Treatments, Diagnostics and Patient Cases

Bitten by a tick:
Is there life after antibiotics if I don't get better?

Sat 7.10.2017 12-16 Stockholm Sandlersalen at ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41

For who?

People interested in Borreliosis, people who are sick and their family, medical professionals. Information is both practical and scientific - we try to make it as accessible as possible.

What’s it about?

A lot of information about borreliosis and coinfections and how they can affect recovery (or non-recovery). We’ll go through patient cases of varying difficulty and what can be done after/in addition to the basic antibiotic treatment available through public healthcare. Patients suffering from extreme fatigue and pains regardless of treatment will find the information extremely interesting. The approaches have a science based approach and have been shown to work even with prior treatment failures.

Organizers and Sponsors:

Swedish Borreliosis Society and Astris Medical Center. Free samples and conference discounts on Nutramedix.

Price: 100 SEK / person (to cover venue + coffee)

Registeration & payment Invitation to the conference