Targeting Lyme 2019 Conference

Full Day Conference focused on Treatment, Lab Testing, and Hope for Lyme Disease with the Keynote speaker, Dr. Armin Schwarbach MD PhD

Lyme Disease is dramatically increasing across Canada as tick populations grow and expand. Currently, there is a lack of understanding around proper diagnosis, testing and treatment options. Targeting Lyme Conference 2019, will offer advanced understanding on testing, and innovative Functional Medicine treatment options.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Armin Schwarbach MD PhD CEO, is a specialist in laboratory medicine and infectious diseases from Germany. Dr. Armin recognized the problem with insensitivities and lack of standardization with Borrelia burgdorferi antibody ELISA and immunoblot tests. He has been on multiple Lyme Disease forums and joint health committees around the world. Dr. Armin brings progressive information on the most recent advances in Lyme testing so local Ontario communities can better understand their current health situation.

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