Forum for Integrative Medicine

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The Forum for Integrative Medicine was started by several practitioners with the goal
of sharing information to better facilitate the treatment of complex chronic illnesses. The
forum was born by practitioners for practitioners to identify the best integrative tools
available in support of detoxification, the treatment of stubborn infections, and overall
balance and well-being. The primary focus of the forum is to share practical solutions to
enhance the treatment options available to our patients.

Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, MD will present about "Modern Diagnostic Tests for Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-Infections" on Saturday


Vector-Borne Illness
Mold and Biotoxin Illness
Mast Cell Activation
Diagnostic Testing
and more…

2018 Speakers:

“The Forum for Integrative Medicine” is a collaborative effort by practitioners from a multi-disciplined background to expand their integrative approach to treating chronic illness and all that it encompasses.

Kristine Gedroic, MD
Armin Schwarzbach, MD
Ann Corson, MD
Amy Derksen, ND
Marie Matheson, ND
Neil Nathan, MD
Elena Frid, MD
Sandeep Gupta, MD
David Jernigan, DC
Greg Lee, LAc
Bob Miller, CTN
Philip Memoli, DMD
Judy Mikovits, PhD
Bryan Rade, ND
Stephanie Seneff, PhD
Todd Watts, DC

The Venue

The Westin Michigan Avenue
909 North Michigan Avenue. Chicago, IL 60611

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